WMA conference goes on Virtual.

May 19, 2020

Good news, dear partners!

Plenty of affiliate conference organizers took over the COVID-19 situation and reacted immediately.
For instance, Webmaster Access goes on Virtual and even offers free passes so we have an opportunity to go on networking.
So, what about to dust off and meet eye-to-eye virtually?

Are you going too? Come and meet the Clickadu team at the cyber-booth.

Our avatars:

Alexandr Sobko | Sales Director
alexandr@clickadu.com | Skype: alexandr_520

George Minski | Business development and cooperation team lead
george@clickadu.com | Skype: george_14346

Daniel Dannig | Head of RTB
dannig@clickadu.com | Skype: dan_clickadu

Sergio Hardy | BD manager
sergio@clickadu.com | Skype: live:sergio_11911

Ingrid Yokkinen | BD manager
ingrid@clickadu.com | Skype: live:.cid.81521499812e7d89

Sergius Kudenkis | BD manager
k.sergio@clickadu.com | Skype: k.sergio_2

Leo | Senior Affiliate Manager
leo@clickadu.com| Skype: live:leo_13385

Serg R | Head of Media Buyers
serg.r@clickadu.com | Skype: serg.clickadu

See you there!

Clickadu Team