VPN Vertical Insights: Tips & Tricks For 2023

Crises create opportunities. The antivirus and VPN vertical is profitable. How practical is that? The global economy is active, notwithstanding the debates surrounding this strategy. Because of this, you’d better take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way before someone else does. At this time, the opportunity is presented by antivirus and VPN marketing.

What Does The Antivirus And VPN Vertical Entail?

Whatever their names, the categories Antivirus, VPN, and App Utilities all allude to a similar aspect. This approach includes promotions for software and utility apps that evaluate, configure, and enhance device performance. But above all, to safeguard desktop and mobile devices. This category includes all items connected to internet privacy protection and VPNs. Usually, these promotions persuade people to download software and apps that provide antivirus protection for desktop and mobile devices.

Should I Have Antivirus and VPN Protection?

Yes. You should acquire an antivirus & VPN service for both mobile and desktop devices unless you’re shipwrecked on a remote island without an Internet connection, in which case you’re regrettably unable to view this article. Fortunately, more and more individuals are becoming aware of this and using such utilities regularly. People frequently utilize VPN and antivirus services for security reasons. Let’s be frank and say that it also enables us to explore sites we may not want to share information about secretly.


  • Online activity that is secure and private.
  • Safe access to a home or office network while on the go.
  • Using public Wi-Fi safely.
  • Visiting websites that are geo-blocked.
  • Avoid censorship and limitations on the Internet.
  • Downloading files secretly or securely.
  • Saving money when shopping online, such as when purchasing tickets for flights.
  • Speeding up internet gaming.

Types Of VPN Offers: Flow, Description, Payout

There are different types of commissions for each offer. It might be CPI, CPS, or many others. It is important to check the offer’s terms and conditions to find the best working model for you.

On mobile traffic, the most common VPN offers work for CPI and TRIAL.
CPI is mainly used on Android. IOS mostly uses payment for Trial, as there is a higher rate, and it is more convenient for the advertiser to work with this model.

There are also analogs of VPN wapclics mVas offers for the LATAM and MENA GEOs, but this option is rare. Revshare and CPS usually refer to the desktop.

There are also options for APK files, but they are also rarely used and are mainly sold in TIER3 countries.

Offer Flow Description Payout
CPI Cost Per Install $0.01 – $1
CC submit Credit Card Submit Payment $0.5 – $7
Click2SMS/ Pin submit Mobile Subscription/Credit Card Submit $0.5 – $7
CPS Commission Commissions for every subscription $5 – $40
Revenue Share % Of The Revenue 30% – 100%

The Best ad Format for Antivirus & VPN Offers

Affiliate marketers have long been aware of this industry because VPNs are essential for affiliate advertisers and are an evergreen market niche. You’re not alone if you regularly use VPNs and find it difficult to envision operating your internet business without them. And because of the COVID-19 outbreak, a significant portion of people have adopted the work-from-home business model, which has resulted in a significant surge in demand for VPNs and antivirus software even in 2023.

If we talk about ad formats, Push, InPage push, Popunder, and Banner traffic perform best with the Antivirus & VPN vertical, according to historical data from Clickadu. This should not be shocking, given the enormous success of push traffic over the past year. The e-commerce aspect dominated the Black Friday and Holiday Season sales. Now, it’s reaching what consumers need most: online protection and security.

Popunder Benefits

An enormous amount of traffic:

  • Easy flow – Prelander and offer redirect
  • Onclick is considered to be the best for the VPN vertical. Your only task here is simple – create a good prelander to warm up your users (or use your partner’s ready-to-use one).

Push benefits:

Big volumes in setup with a high CR prelander. You just need a good creative and decent CTA.


Can perform really well. Use some GIFs and spend some time on testing – and you got to have success.

Banners and Video

Can perform too. Especially if you can do some nice video creatives, and your prelander offers to “watch video safe” or the source video is blocked.

If you are not sure where to start, check the Push traffic. Here’s a quick reminder of why push advertisements have revolutionized affiliate marketing.

  • Both push and in-page push advertisements have a user-friendly layout and were created to look like system notifications.
  • Users will see both push and in-page push advertising as genuine, boosting the likelihood of engaging with them.
  • When seen on mobile or desktop computers, they are not invasive and do not divert people from their online activity.
  • Even when users aren’t actively engaging, push advertisements are still sent directly to their devices.
  • This does not apply to in-page push advertisements shown to visitors when actively exploring a particular website.

With the help of in-page push advertisements, iOS devices can be targeted to reach a new user base.

Where is it Most Effective? Number of GEOs

We know the Antivirus & VPN vertical, why it is hot, and the best ad formats and platforms to promote it. So, the next thing we should consider is where to advertise it. According to the most recent data, the following GEOs are the best places for the Antivirus & VPN vertical.

Mobile + Desktop – Impressions Monthly

IN 4.3B
BD 600M
ID 300M
PK 250M
US 200M
VN 130M
JP 120M
BR 95M
IQ 88M
DE 85M

Top VPN & Antivirus Offers

Here is where to get such offers if you wish to work with affiliate networks. Many advertisers in our field have tried and tested this approach, and for less experienced advertisers, it may even appear like a much safer and dependable option.

You’re fine to go if you’re already familiar with them and can immediately run their offers. If not, we’re confident they’ll be excited to work with you guys on the project.

Here is the list of the top-15 VPNs with a partner’s program:

  • Avast
  • AVG Technologies
  • CyberGhost
  • ExpressVPN
  • FastestVPN
  • F-Secure
  • HideMyAss
  • NordVPN
  • Norton VPN
  • Panda Security
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • SurfShark
  • TunnelBear VPN
  • ZenMate

Examples of the Best-Converting Creatives

Where is the theory? Practice ought to come next. For this reason, the best-converting antivirus and VPN ad examples with copy and ad creative ideas are provided below.


On Push and InPage ad formats the main approach is:

  • Unavailability of a particular content
  • Connection protection
  • Hide browser history
  • Getting access to blocked sites and videos

The last step before beginning an Antivirus & VPN marketing campaign is to create the best ad creatives that will captivate your target audience. As always, we also have some fantastic advertising advice! So, the main ideas for the VPN vertical are:

1. Make it brief!

Keep in mind that push notifications are designed to look like little system notifications, so keep your message to the point and succinct. Making you appear to be essential alerts or reminders is a good strategy, particularly from the antivirus & VPN perspective. Remember, less is more.

2. Make the user curious!

Despite how insignificant it may seem, incorporating the word “virus” in your advertisement’s copy will undoubtedly get people’s attention, given the current situation. Also, make a suggestion that taking action on time could help avert potential danger and a lot of hardship.

3. Recognize the user!

Put data and privacy protection first. Data security is becoming increasingly important, and people are looking for answers. Give them what they need and want if the demand is already there. Do it in a language they can comprehend as well. That is also a component of briefly putting yourself in your audience’s position so that you may tailor the adverts to the wants of the users.

4. Make the user react!

A little sense of urgency should constantly be added. Encourage consumers to take action by making them aware that the offer is going to expire or that cyber danger never sleeps. But keep it straightforward. Only one message at a time!

5. Show the Benefit!

The simplest yet most powerful tactic is demonstrating the advantages of the product you are attempting to sell. Nobody wants to spend money on products that aren’t tried and true. Every salesperson or advertiser needs something that completely seals the deal and distinguishes the provided goods. So it is usually advised to thoroughly analyze the market and the competition.

6. Have a Strong CTA!

Unless you ask them to convert, people won’t do so. Of course, don’t be too direct when telling them that, at least not immediately. People will follow if you tell them what to do next. They’ll naturally want to investigate and learn more about the product’s advantages if you’ve got the promise portion down. Give them a little assistance and demonstrate where to click to complete the task.

Also, check out these video creatives. They convert really well at the moment.

VPN Vertical Sales Funnel – CPI/Trial

Simply, there are two main funnels if we talk about VPN promotion. You can simply follow our guide to create the funnel on your own.

1. CPI

User clicks on ads -> user visits ad landing page -> user clicks on the button and transfers to the App Play Market, or the APK downloading starts.

2. Trial

User clicks on ads -> user visits ad landing page -> warmed-up user installs an app and adds his credit card through the Play Market. The credit card addition is considered a conversion.


Final Thoughts: VPN Vertical In 2023

Now you should better understand how to market VPN and utility solutions in the severe market of today. There are many opportunities, and most are just waiting for you to seize: straightforward conversion processes, lucrative payments, and significant traffic. Make careful research every affiliate network offers in detail and look up any prohibitions on VPN promotion in the nations you intend to target.

VPN vertical will continuously develop, and there will be much more possibilities to promote it. There is a huge demand for VPNs, Cleaners, and Antivirus offers traffic, and it will grow rapidly in the present world.

With the help of this tutorial, advertising VPN and utility offers on Clickadu traffic will be simpler. Never underestimate trends or the level of competition, though; ask your manager about the most recent payments, whitelists, and pre-landers.

Author: Dan

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