Happy Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is approaching!
While advertisers and affiliates are aiming to boost traffic and increase their conversions with Valentine’s Day promotions, customers enjoy sweets, love letters, and romantic trips.

So brace yourself with campaigns, creatives, many hearts, and pink banners, and check out our CTA tips to improve your campaign’s CR!


  1. Gaming and entertainment
  2. iGaming
  3. Software and Utilities
  4. Taxi and food delivery
  5. E-commerce
  6. Dating

Gaming and entertainment

Singles: This Valentine’s Day, play with love since love isn’t just for couples!
Secret Admirers: Do you seek a secret admirer? Nothing that a game can’t solve
Couples: Enjoy several interesting games with your partner right away!


Free plays: Twinkle, twinkle little star, your free plays are about to start!
Tournament: No Valentine in your life? Good news—we only lack one person for the tournament!
Passion for the game: Passion, elation, and thrills are all involved in the action!

Software and Utilities

Find a partner for your device: Your electronics require attention as well! Choose the right apps for your computer.
There are others around: Is it Valentine’s Day, and no one is around? You’re secured by these apps, so don’t worry!


Taxi and food delivery

Order for the couple: Cozy evening requires a good dinner. Treat yourself and your partner to tasty food
Please yourself: Lonely feelings will go, but the hunger stays. Enjoy a meal with delivery from 400+ restaurants
Couple taxi: Enjoy a perfect Valentine’s! Ride to the best place in the city with a discount!
Find your love nearby: No one around on Valentine’s Day? Take it easy, ride to good spot, to find your soulmate



A gift to a partner: Prepared a gift for Valentine’s yet? Dive into the market and find something special
Present for yourself: There is no bad day to buy yourself a treat, order something you wish for right away!
Atmosphere: Pleasant and warm atmosphere is what you need for Valentine’s Day. Let yourself be pampered



No one around: Don’t be sad if you are alone cause it’s temporary. Find your date in our app!
Short-term fun: Want to hook up really badly? Your partner is waiting for your move
Long-term relationships: Your desired love is just a couple clicks from you. Don’t hesitate to search for it

Don’t miss our Dating Sweet Meet case study kindly prepared together with the Zeydoo CPA network. It’s a really useful tutorial for each advertiser who’s running dating offers.

That’s it for now! Hope our solutions will help you to perform the best! Of course, it could take some time to develop the finest advertising for Valentine’s Day. However, even non-romantic businesses can profit from this wonderful time of year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and remember, we love you more than a pizza.

Author: Ksenia

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