10% Bonus for New Lovers!

Clickadu Team February 15, 2017

On this very special day we want to be honest with you, guys...Love does not exist, okay? Not even for 3 years. Bullshit! Just a stupid myth, a plain chemical reaction making silly idiots out of people. Don't you agree? No? Neither do we :)

What we don't agree with is that you can be happy with your loved ones without money. Let your love be secure and ensured with wealth. Boost your profit with 130+ million of high converting pops from Clickadu! Why pops? Because they bring MORE impressions, conversions, money, and ...pleasure!

If you are still not in, join NOW and get a 10% bonus on your first Advertiser's deposit or 90% Publishers' revshare. When signing up use the promo code 50SHADES valid through 28 February.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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Clickadu Team