Self-Serve Platform April-May Updates

Dear partners,

We do not appreciate stagnation and this is the biggest SSP update ever. This time we have tried to enhance your platform experience even deeper.
Here’s the list of recent platform updates:

SSP for publishers:

Know your payout date:

No more ‘when’ and ‘when’ questions. Now you’re able to see the payot date, based on your payout schedule right from the Publishers’ dashboard.

A helping hand:

Faced some issues? Just contact your personal manager, now you can see his or her contact details.

Ad preview:

Interested in what your zone advertisement would look like?
Now you’re able to see a sketchy ad preview while creating a new ad zone.

SSP for advertisers:

The advantage is in the calculations:

How to cut your losses? We’d like to present you our Traffic Inventory tool that will show you the optimal price for the desired traffic.

Lower conversion cost:

Well, no matter that you’re defining the conversion price, now you’re able to set the conversion price up to one thousandth.

Optimize your CPC campaigns on the run:

Now click cost can be changed during the Draft, Working, Test, Paused, Stopped campaign statuses that help you to get the most of your advertising campaigns.

Track more details:

Now you can add macros to your campaigns target URL to get more comprehensive information. Just click the macro to apply it.

More data columns are now available for you to learn more about your advertising campaign performance. Just check the desired data you wanna see in the Campaigns section.

Author: Andrew

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