Eager to start promoting your affiliate links and gaining money? Then this article from the Clickadu team is your path to begin with.

Affiliate marketing is growing every day, and it is one of the most effective ways to gain passive income for online business owners. As simple as that, you are gaining more money as more affiliates add to your program.

So how do you promote your affiliate links? We gathered best practices and are ready to share them with you. In this article, you will learn where to promote your affiliate links, find out what are the best sites to place the link, and how to make money in affiliate marketing.


Simply, the affiliate link is the URL to a page or product with added tracking code. The code is personally yours and it is connected to you as an affiliate. That is how companies you promote know who led their customers to the conversion. When the user clicks your affiliate link, a track is sent to the affiliate program to record metrics like sales, registrations, clicks, and others.

The affiliate manager usually gets paid for every conversion that occurred. There are lots of different affiliate programs and offers, so the record milestone can be different.


  1. EMAIL

    One of the most effective ways to promote your affiliate link is the Email campaign. You can easily integrate an affiliate link to the email, but be sure not only to toss out the subscribers with the links and an offer to buy something. Act smart, use a decent call to action, and create some bonus and intrigue for the users, to make them click/buy/register.

    When potential customers subscribe to your newsletter, they want to get some assistance, find out the answers to the questions they may have, and get some unique information. This is the right time to add your affiliate link to the email. But don’t be very spammy and work consistently.

    For example, if your welcome email series of 5 letters is about gaining money on affiliate marketing, don’t press your subscribers with lots of affiliate links in the first letters. Let them understand the advantages, build trust, provide the most helpful information, and then start providing the affiliate links.


    If you have a blog of some sort, it is one of the best sources to place your affiliate links. Your loyal readers are already at your website, so you can be sure that they are interested in your content.

    You can easily integrate an affiliate link to any of your blog posts. Always remember that posts in your blog are the main aim of your audience, so don’t place affiliate links that provide no value to your customers. Avoid turning your blog into some sort of sales and advertising platform for a bunch of products.

    Blog content, reviews, and roundups are the perfect types of content to add some affiliate links. Mind your links to fit the type of content you are promoting and don’t force users to click on the link. Make users perform the conversion on their own. This might be the best way to promote any kind of affiliate product.


    For authors who produce video content, this can be a good option to promote your links. Many video hosting companies like YouTube or Vimeo allow inserting affiliate links in video descriptions. Discuss your affiliate products in the video, tell the benefit for your clients and do not forget to mention the embedded affiliate links in your video content description.

    Another option to add the link is the transparent boxes. They appear at a particular moment within your video and usually are followed by a call to action. Use both types – hyperlinked boxes and description affiliate links to enhance efficiency.


    Using paid advertising is another way to promote affiliate links. So you can more accurately get interested users who fit your standards. It is important to promote affiliate links that will keep you profitable even if the user goes through repeated campaigns.

    Not every affiliate link can be promoted with paid advertising, but it is debatable with the offer owner or affiliate network/ad network manager.

    You can use Google Ads, Yahoo, Facebook ads, and others. If you want to find quality paid ads with a high conversion rate, many verticals, and ad formats – then Clickadu is your perfect choice! Clickadu has multiple benefits: 7 ad formats: Banners, InPage, Push Notifications, Video, SKIM, Popunder, ITM. 240+ GEOs coverage, 22 verticals, high CPMs for webmasters, a dedicated support team, and more!
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    If we talk about Facebook, it is a perfect source for promotion via personal or online business pages. The main aim here is to attract potential affiliates and persuade them to click on your affiliate link. You need to post some entertaining, educational, fun content, and encourage the audience to click on your affiliate link and make a conversion.


    The same approach works well on Instagram. You can easily get traffic from your Instagram publications, but keep in mind that posts on this social media are nonclickable.

    There are two main ways to drive traffic to your affiliate links on Instagram. The first is to create the link in your account bio and lead your followers there to click on it. The second is to add a clickable sticker with the affiliate link in your Instagram stories and convenience your audience to proceed.

    If you want to share affiliate links on Instagram, you must be ready to post a lot. Your main target is to interact with your audience and build a loyal party of followers. The engaged users are more likely to click on your affiliate link, and it is up to you to decide whether in the Instagram Stories or profile bio. But we recommend using both of these options.


    Pinterest as the option to promote your links is a very good choice if you have some physical products. Primarily you need to create pins and picture boards around your product. You need to integrate the affiliate links into your pins and make them look natural to the audience.

    If you want your potential affiliates to follow your Pinterest affiliate links and do conversions, you need to create a good-looking picture board associated with your affiliate product. For example, if you are promoting some affiliate product in the E-commerce field, create a Pinterest board around the product, show some case scenarios of product usability, and build a strong connection between your product and potential affiliates.


    Twitter is another option to promote products as an affiliate. The only issue there is the number of symbols for your text. You have 280 characters to induce the user to click on the affiliate link.

    You need to be creative to promote your links, so use everything to make sure they do a conversion. Why not try it out? Use the methods above to succeed.


    Don’t forget about other social media such as Quora, Telegram, and LinkedIn. They are pretty attractive to promote your affiliate links as well. And last but not least are the forums. There are plenty of them that can be really useful for your affiliate links promotion.


    If the user wants to know more about your product, it is a simple way to insert affiliate links in your product reviews and tutorials. The best place to promote affiliate links might be websites where customers can share their personal experiences and check others’ opinions on the product.

    If you want to write a review, try to include everything that might be important to your audience. Don’t forget to include information about how to use your product, individual experience, and the pros and cons of the product. And of course, the main thing is to include the affiliate link to the review body.


    If you have your own website, then it is a perfect spot to place your affiliate links. Insert them anywhere you want – to the articles, on the blog page, on the home page, in custom buttons, and so on. Think smartly, and place affiliate links in places where your clients are more likely to click on them.


    SEO is one of the main tools to drive traffic to your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the approaches to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. If you own one, you definitely need to use SEO to boost your organic traffic, so the promotion of the affiliate links will be much more effective. Optimize the site, choose keywords for your niche, and make links optimization to boost traffic to your affiliate links.


    Another great way to promote your affiliate links is by outreaching hand-picked affiliates and niche resources. Find bloggers, social media influencers, experts in your niche, and other personalities who are popular in your sphere.

    Message them directly and do a personal proposal to share your affiliate link on some conditions. Make sure your terms are beneficial to the affiliate, so they will more probable publish your affiliate link at their sources.


    The podcast might be the perfect spot to place your affiliate links. You can insert them in the description of the episode. Often affiliate links are connected with the guest of the podcast. For example, if you have an interesting guest with a cool product, you can make an agreement with him to insert an affiliate link to his website.


    Banners are an awesome option to promote your affiliate links. Lots of affiliate networks and programs allow you to integrate the banners to the website with affiliate links in it. You can post these affiliate banners in the header, footer, sidebar, embed in blog content, or in email messages.
    Remember about banner blindness and don’t overdo with the publishing. Try to use more contextual links as they are more effective and most are not rejected by the users.


There are several pitfalls to avoid when promoting affiliate links:

  1. Using only one promotion strategy
    You can not limit yourself to just one way to promote affiliate links. To maximize the use of affiliate links, different promotion methods should be used.
  2. Promotion of affiliate links of different niches on one site
    It is important that the audience is suitable for the site of your category. It is better to create different sites for each niche if you plan to promote different industries
  3. Placing links that are not valuable to the audience
    The audience should be in a trusting relationship, so you need to post content that suits and satisfies the site visitors.


Thanks to the above methods you can optimize the partnership, which will further lead to sales growth. Use different methods to promote your affiliate links and find what works best for you. Don’t hesitate to compare different types of promotion, and try to make a maximum effort from each of your affiliate links promotion types.

If you want to promote your affiliate links via paid ads – try Clickadu as one of the sources. With Clicadus’ promotion options you can do a lot to promote your affiliate links on many GEOs and different websites. Find what gives you maximum conversions and start working on it right away!

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