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Do you work in affiliate marketing? Then you definitely work with popunder traffic or should try it in the promotion of your offer.

It is one of the most difficult ad formats to work with due to its high volume, wide coverage, and competition, but at the same time – efficient, due to great conversion rates, straight user engagement, and rapid ad delivery.

If you work with popunder traffic – this article is what you need to create an effective high-performance campaign. Our experts collected all their knowledge about popunder advertising to share common mistakes of working with such kind of traffic, and how to avoid them.

1. Mistaking Popunder and Popup ads

The difference between Popunder and Popup ads is the fact that the first opens a new tab in the browser under the main page the user is browsing on, not obstructing his session.

On the one hand, the latter opens on top of the page the user is viewing, so unless he notices the “X” sign to close the Popup, he will end up leaving the main page he was on.

The popunder ads on the other hand are not so annoying to the user. They are hiding under the main page, and it is not so easy to close them and not interrupt the audience. People always check their browser tabs before closing them so these ads won’t go unnoticed anyway.

2. Wrong vertical choosing

It is not unexpected that each ad format has its own best-performing vertical. You definitely can run ads however you want but stick to the converting ad sets. Try different approaches and find a matching vertical + ad format.

For example, popunder works well with Gambling, Sweepstakes, and Mobile app installs.

3. Incorrect campaigns aim

Before you start driving traffic, it is important to know your advertising point. Determine what you want to gain from your promotion, and define your main priorities before you even start.

Find your offer’s main flow. If you run a brand awareness campaign – pops will be your best friends, but if you do performance-based stuff – clearly understand the flow whether it’s a CPL, CPI, CPR or CPA, RS, etc.

4. Find the best working price model

For Clickadu clients there are three price models to work with. You can choose from CPM, SmartCPA, and SmartCPM. Each of them has its own benefits. and you need to choose one that fits your interests.

CPM – Cost Per Mile. You can set the rate they are going to pay per thousand impressions.

SmartCPM – Cost Per Mile with a second-price auction system. Advertisers are able to set the ceiling rate they are able to pay for traffic. The winning bidder pays the price of a second bidder.

SmartCPA – is a basic CPA with an automatic optimization algorithm available at the Self-Serve Platform that allows you to pay only for conversions. It automatically matches your CPA offers to 100% targeted users, helping you reach a more relevant audience.

You obviously will need to test different price models to find what works best for your offer. Create A/B testing, contact your personal manager, and rely on your personal experience.

5. Wrong testing approach

If you don’t want to waste money – you need to test your campaigns wisely. Here is a simple algorithm for you to follow. With it you can test any ad-type campaign, so keep it on hand.

a) Find a suitable offer for your ad type

Not all of the offers can accept popunder traffic. There are certain requirements for each of the offers you want to promote. So if you want to start with popunder traffic, make sure you follow all arrangements or contact the affiliate network manager to get the best-performing offers for popunder traffic. Build A/B testing variables so you find the most suitable setups for your flow.

b) Set up the landing page

The main in popunder advertising is that users are not always willing to move straight to the offer page. It is important to warm them up so they will be interested in your offer and more likely will perform the required conversion. If you want to create a pre-lander – start from scratch or use a landing page builder with customized built pages.

With popunder traffic and a pre-lander, you definitely will get more conversions and will filter users who are not interested in your offer at all. Try different pre-landers to determine the best-performing one. It might be tough but keep patience, and you will find the best converting for you.

c) Set up the targeting

Popunder ads have a very high traffic volume, so if you don’t want to waste your money you need to segment users for different campaigns. In the Clickadu Self-Serve platform, you can set up the device type, OS version, connection type, GEOs, and many other things. Narrow up the settings according to the exact offer’s flow.
Experiment more, and you will be able to set up the best-performing ad set.

Author: Dan

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