Popunder adverts are like old old, good Nintendo video games. Although critics have claimed for years that this format is no longer relevant, the industry has relied on it because of its superior quality.

Popunders, sometimes referred to as OnClick advertising, are quite successful and appropriate for all levels of affiliates. Yet, this format is renowned for being user-friendly for beginners, making it a fantastic place for new affiliates to start.

Popunder advertising is a form of online advertising that displays a new browser window behind the current window. Unlike pop-up ads, popunders are less intrusive and can be considered less annoying to users.

When a user visits a website, a popunder ad can appear in a new browser window that opens behind the current window. Popunder ads can be triggered by different actions, such as clicking on a link, entering or leaving a website, or even by a timer. This means that popunders can be displayed even if the user did not click on an ad, which makes them an effective form of advertising.

Popunder ads can be used for various purposes, such as promoting a product, generating leads, or driving traffic to a website. They can be targeted to specific demographics and interests, allowing advertisers to reach their desired audience.

However, popunder advertising can also be considered a controversial advertising method, as some users may find it intrusive and annoying. Popunder ads can also be used for malicious purposes, such as installing malware or displaying inappropriate content.

Advertisers should follow industry standards and best practices to ensure that popunder advertising is used responsibly and ethically. They should also allow users to close or opt out of popunder ads if they do not wish to see them.
Overall, popunder advertising can be an effective form of online advertising when used responsibly and by industry standards.

Pop traffic, along with Push and Banners, is one of our areas of expertise at Clickadu, so we understand how this seasoned format is doing right now. Even so, you still need to pay attention to crucial components that have the power to make or destroy your campaigns, even though it’s a good fit for beginners.

We’ll go through a few pointers below to aid newcomers in utilizing this style. Moreover, we’ll share our statistics on this format with vertical implementation.

What Remains Of Popunder’s Appeal?

Even if there are persistent concerns of popunders, this format is faring far better than just fine.

More Than a Billion People Utilize Pop-up Ads

Popunders provide an excellent ROI for advertisers, publishers, and affiliates.
Affiliates can start these campaigns without having to have a lot of experience or special talents.

How Can Clickadu Ensure High-Quality Pop Traffic?

Quality has historically been seen as a major drawback when dealing with pop traffic by critics. Moreover, traffic providers may fail to take the essential precautions to safeguard their affiliates.

Our team makes a constant effort to keep our members safe, and we have several protocols in place to do so:

Bot traffic can be avoided using cutting-edge anti-fraud measures.
Maintain high-quality visitors by avoiding affiliations with shady websites.
Monitoring of the websites we operate with, regular assessment, and cleaning procedures, including the removal of proxy and XML traffic.

Advice For Working With Popunder Ad Format

CPA and Vertical Offer

Focusing on offers and verticals with an easy conversion funnel is crucial for new affiliates. This will provide you the chance to practice, and the fact that it’s generally affordable will help you get more experience. When you learn what works and what doesn’t, keep in mind to concentrate on tier-3 nations that are also more economical before moving up to higher-tier locations.

Some of the hottest verticals for pop traffic in 2023 include:

  • E-commerce
  • Gambling
  • Webcams
  • Betting
  • And many others…

Check the insights with graphics down below.

Here are the verticals and GEOs on Popunder right now that are extremely popular, per our analytics. We have all of these verticals, and our partner’s CPA Networks has a ton of offerings that you can choose from.

Here is the graphics of the Onclick Revenue Share of 2022. According to this data, we can estimate 2023’s trends.

Our Crew Member’s Opinion


Sebastian Beck – Business Development Manager


As of 2023, popunder (onclick) campaigns are still a popular form of advertising in the AdTech industry. The performance of these campaigns largely depends on the vertical they are being used in. The top verticals for popunder campaigns in 2023 include e-commerce, iGaming, and mobile applications.

To achieve good performance in these campaigns, it is essential to have a strong funnel on the landing page or a warming prelander. This ensures that the user is engaged and interested in the product or service, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

In the e-commerce vertical, popunder campaigns can be used to promote products and deals to potential customers. In the iGaming vertical, these campaigns can be used to attract new players to online casinos or betting sites. In the mobile applications vertical, popunder campaigns can be used to drive app installs and encourage users to engage with the app.

Overall, popunder (onclick) campaigns can be a valuable tool for advertisers in 2023, especially when used in the right verticals and with a strong landing page or prelander.



Bolik Clickadu – Senior Account Manager


“Last year mostly copied the time after COVID-19. Users began to trust online businesses more often and this trend, in my opinion, will continue to grow.”

Blocks and restrictions of several countries remain, and new ones are being added to them, so I guess such verticals as E-commerce and VPN will develop and increase turnover.

Popunder ads continue to grow and develop their presence. Let’s see the example of OnClick ads development compared to popular series.

In 2021 when everyone was staying at home and watching TV. The shows did incredibly well and attracted everyone’s attention.

In 2023 in post-Covid times, the series still performed really well. For example, “Last of Us“ and “Wednesday” were really successful and attracted lots of viewers. According to Warner Bros statistics, the first six episodes of the “Last of Us“ series were watched by an average of 30.4 million viewers over the entire period, while the first episode is approaching 40 million views.

In Europe and Latin America, The Last of Us has become the most popular show in the history of HBO Max.

The example shows that something that worked well – do it continuously. That is why I think the verticals that are now actively working and developing in 2022 opinion will be trending in 2023 as well.


We hope that we cleared up all your expectations about Popunder in 2023, but just in case you came up with some ideas and questions – you are always welcome to ask us via support or personal manager if you have specific questions regarding your campaign performance.

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Author: Dan

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