How to earn money with Push Notifications?

Have you thought about monetizing your content with the help of push notifications? Push notifications as an advertising format have recently gained recognition among people from around the world, experience through various verticals and to various niches.

First of all, how do push notifications work?

We’re sure that you have seen these little alerts from your operating system many times, asking you for permission to send notifications.

It is enough for the user to give consent to receive these notifications once, so that you can send them at any time of the day and in any number, regardless of whether they are viewing the page where they have given their consent to receive them. Of course, the user still has the option to cancel the consent previously given, so it is important not to abuse this system and send push notifications in a deliberate amount and with an appropriate time interval. It’s no surprise that annoying pop-up notifications will make any user want to cancel their consent to them.





Push notifications are a boon companion for making money with the help of an affiliate network. Push Notifications work great with affiliate networks’ campaigns, since they give you the opportunity to easily coordinate two platforms, thanks to which you can monetize your website or a mobile app.

MyLead is one of the best affiliate networks to do so. It offers over 2000 campaigns from over a dozen categories, so that you can make sure to choose something that interests you and your audience.


If you want to get started with this way of monetization, you have two options: 

  • start collecting permissions to send push notifications  e.g. on your own website, on your landing pages where you send traffic etc.
  • start buying push traffic from various networks that already have their base.


Then, two ways to monetize your push notifications are:

  • “Hot spots” – when your app is geolocation based, then it is worth trying to send users alerts based on their location. The simplest solution is to send, for example, promotional coupons to stores or particular products when the user is near the location of the brick-and-mortar store.
  • Regular notifications – through regular messages you can be in constant contact with your users by sending them useful or relevant information. A way to use this method is to send notifications related to interests of the user or, for example, the activeness of their friends in the Facebook application.

What to pay attention to when using push notifications?


Personalization of the message

It is worth building messages that will be targeted at specific people or a given group. Dividing the recipient base by age or gender is the minimum that should be applied when the campaign is actually directed only to this specific group, e.g. promotion for women’s accessories. Of course, there are actions intended for all customers, then we also have an easier task, and in addition to constructing a universal message, the issue of determining the date and time of shipment remains.


Important information for the client

What the sender finds interesting will not necessarily be so to our readers or customers, at least not at the moment.

Example: If the user receives notifications from the restaurant you’re promoting turned on and they receive information from it about a promotion that is valid in the restaurant, and they are currently in a completely different city, this message will be irrelevant.

In this situation, it is worth using geolocation parameters and sending this type of promotion when the person is near the restaurant. Then the usefulness of such notification increases significantly.


Appropriate time of delivery

Even the best message won’t work if it’s sent at the wrong time. Appropriate timing is also the key to success in receiving push notifications. Sending alerts late at night or very early in the morning can be a shooting in your foot. When determining the shipping time for a campaign, it is worth testing it with tests.


Remember though, in order to take full advantage of the power of coordinated campaigns it is worth combining push notifications with messages inside the application, strengthening the message with an SMS and email campaign. Above all, have in mind the idea of choosing MyLead’s affiliate program that will be suitable for your and your target audience’s interests. The plan is to reach users in multiple channels. This will allow the optimization of advertising costs minimizing the possibility of the user not reading the message and not clicking on your personalised affiliate links.

Joining the affiliate network allows you to display affiliate ads in the application. While being part of the affiliate network, you can promote other applications, advertise products via banners, and advertise products in an in-app store.

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Author: Andrew

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