Looking for a trusty partner network?

January 9 2023

MyLead is a multi-vertical CPA network from Poland, which has already been trusted by over half a million publishers worldwide. At the moment MyLead offers the following:

πŸ€‘ over 3,500 offers in all verticals,
πŸ’» simple registration without problems and waiting for approval,
πŸ”— smartlinks,
🀝 support help.
πŸ“š free database of training materials,
πŸ“° ready-made banners for offers,
πŸ”¨ free tools: content lockers and a link cloaker called HideLink,
πŸ‘¨ free mentor support.

And that's not all. At MyLead you also get good converting offers, affiliate marketing news, and the best atmosphere β€” all these things can be found on its Telegram channel.

Especially for Clickadu users, MyLead has a special bonus. It is access to an exclusive ebook about promoting PIN Submit offers on Facebook. The guide is filled with useful content, only proven schemes, complete instructions for creating a Facebook Pixel, and valuable mentor advice. To get access, create a free MyLead account and contact Irina MyLead in the publisher's panel.

Clickadu Team