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Are you ready for something new and awesome? Today we present you a very exclusive deal from our friends at MaxConv Tracker!

What is MaxConv?

MaxConv is a cloud-based tracker that helps you to track & optimize your campaign with ease. You already can find an integration with the MaxConv tracking solution in the SSP.

Why should you give it a shot?

  • Easy to use and powerful data-driven attribution model. Unlike other campaign-centered trackers in the industry, in MaxConv you don’t need to create landers, offers, or campaigns, just put one line of code to your landing page, MaxConv will automatically list all campaigns/offers/landers on your account, and all subsequent traffic after the first visit will be attributed to the appropriate source.
  • Integration with major ad networks. MaxConv has integrated with the API of several major ad networks, including Clickadu, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tiktok Ads…etc. Your campaign spent data is automatically synced to MaxConv to get an accurate report. With the advanced postback rule, you have no limits to post conversions back to these ad networks in any way you like.
  • Goals, which is a feature that allows you to track all actions that you want your visitors to take, such as visiting a certain page, submitting a form, clicking a button, etc.
  • Rotator can help you to distribute traffic to different places based on various rules you set up. Combined with a universal tracking script, you are unlocked to build a complex sales funnel.
  • Affordable pricing. The free plan includes 150k events per month, paid plan starts at $45 per month (a penny saved is a penny earned 😉)
  • The support is great! Feel free to ask them any questions you have. Dedicated managers will help to solve any of your questions.

Get interested? Use promo code – CLICKADU when signing up!
You will get $45 in your MaxConv account, which can cover payment on any plan.

The account balance is at Settings > Billing in MaxConv. -> Contact MaxConv support

Author: Dan

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