Meet a new video monetization tool: JS Pre-roll

Dear partners,

We’re ready to introduce a new video monetization tool that facilitates a pre-roll tag implementation: JS Pre-roll.

What is JS Pre-roll?

JS Pre-Roll is an in-house Clickadu ad tag solution that integrates a video over the website content and allows publishers to monetize video-traffic without any additional video-player licenses and works perfectly on any kind of video players.

What is so great about that?

  1. Makes the working process with a Pre-roll easier and more convenient because there is no need to implement vast link into the player.
  2. Available for small sites.
  3. Сompatible with embedded video or any player.

How to start working with JS Pre-roll?

  1. Creating a zone, you need to select your player from the list of the popular ones and the tag will be ready for use.
  2. Choose the type of CSS selector if you’re running none of the mentioned video-player types.
  3. Install the received tag before the closing </body> tag.

More about JS Pre-roll implementation you will find in the FAQ.

Author: Serg

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