Why you need to monetize your embedded video-player now

June 20, 2019

Dear partners,

If you still haven't decided how to improve your earnings from a website with video content, we have prepared some case-reasons for you to do it with us.
Here at Clickadu we aim to provide our publishers with a cool range of advertising inventory to select or to run 360° with almost any available ad format.

So, what can increase traffic efficiency of your video website? Popunders? Yeah, sure. But we have developed a new version of pre-roll video-ads that should do the job.
Haven’t heard of JS Pre-Roll yet? Well, let us tell you more about it.

  • Runs with any types of players even embedded ones
  • Easy to install in comparison with VAST or other advertising solutions
  • Extensive range of advertisers with a video traffic demand
  • JS Pre-roll has no equivalents, you won't find anything like it anywhere else

If you're interested in working principle of how things are going the next section is just for you.

How does it work?

When we say 'it works with any types of players' we mean it.
JS Pre-roll literally is an advertising layer placed above your video player that is activated by clicking the 'Play' button.
This integration allows you to get pass through any player restrictions.


And the rest of the process is the same as with any other pre-roll advertising tool. Pressing the Skip button will make the adlayer disappear. A simple click on an advertisement will open a new tab with advertiser's offer.

How much can I earn?

That's the most popular question asked. Guys, it's easy to say 'yeah, it rocks!' but we assume you'd like to see the numbers.
Some of our trusted partners have shared the statistics for the JS Pre-roll.


The other statistics:


A slight difference between Tier3 & Tier1-2 countries. Numbers are quite impressive.

Unfortunately, the author never really likes to draw any conclusions when the numbers talk for themselves.
However… You should ask yourself:

  • Will JS Pre-roll tag increase my earnings? Of course, it will.
  • Should I try it? Definitely, I should!
  • When can I try it?

You're one click away from it and It's already available there for you.

Clickadu Team