This mug of coffee is on us

Clickadu Team September 27, 2017

October 1st is an 'International Coffee Day', how 'bout to celebrate it with a cup of fresh coffee and some coffee-making countries traffic discounts? The costs* for the following counties went to the bottom of the cup:

CO - 3M Impressions daily - $0.35
BR - 5M Impressions daily - $0.35
IN - 45M Impressions daily - $0.35
ID - 15M Impressions daily - $0.35
MX - 2M Impressions daily - $0.35

Contact your personal manager to buy traffic at a discount.

* - discounts are available on a VIP (managed) platform. Top up your balance by $500+ to become a VIP Advertiser with a personal manager support and all the possible privileges and discounts.