Get bonuses up to $1000

Are you ready to get extra income and drive traffic to some seasonal offers? Then join our extremely profitable BLACK FRIDAY MARATHON!

How it works?

1️⃣ Log into your SSP panel to find out if you can participate, and explore full terms & conditions

2️⃣ Start spending in any ad format during Nov 17 – Nov 30
The more you spend – the bigger reward you get.

3️⃣ Grab your bonus by texting your personal manager or via live chat.
* When you message us, remember to include the words “BLACK FRIDAY MARATHON”, and your account ID (email).

Here is the list of your possible rewards 👇

Level Spending Deposit Bonus
Bronze level $301 to $1000 $500 $100
Silver level $1001 to $3000 $1,000 $200
Gold level $3001 to $8000 $2,000 $300
Platinum level $8001 to $25000 $4,000 $500
Diamond level $25001 – $50.000 $5,000 $750
Legendary Level $50.001+ $8,000 $1,000

Must Read Terms & Conditions

Here are the complete instructions about the bonus achievement process

  1. Log into your SSP panel to find out if you can participate
  2. To get your bonus – reach any of the offered spending levels from 17.11 to 30.11
  3. The bonus is credited on the next balance top-up. The deposit amount must match the level of the requested bonus.
  4. Don’t forget to claim your bonus before 10 December!
  5. After making a deposit, you must have a positive balance

Clickadu Team

Author: Ksenia

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