New Ad Format! Banners are now available for Publishers

Dear partners,

We have promised to come back to you with some big blowout. So here we are… A step ahead of 360 degrees monetization. Have you been waiting for Banner Ads for your website monetization? Now you can do it in Clickadu!

Why choose banner monetization at Clickadu?

Now you don’t have to use multiple platforms in order to add banners to your ad arsenal. Besides…

  • You can place it everywhere you like. Two sizes at your choice – 300×250 and 300×100;
  • All GEOs and traffic type coverage, we assure 100% fillrate;
  • We have exclusive advertisers for banner ads and lots of GEOs with the highest CPM rates on the market;
  • Banners are the most Google-friendly advertising format;
  • Banners are user-friendly as well, since they don’t interrupt the browsing experience.


How to get them?

Banners are already available on your dashboard in the SSP platform!


P.S. Dear Advertisers, we are working hard to make banners available for you soon. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Author: Serg

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