Advertisers! Banner ads are already launched for you

Dear Advertisers,

We couldn’t keep you waiting long. Want to promote your products/brand/offer with our new format? Feel free to do it, banners are already available on the SSP Platform.

Banners are one of the most demanded ad formats to capture users’ attention through graphics and text.


What special about our banner ads?

  • Multicreative tool – add up to five creatives for your banner campaign and view statistics in the dashboard for each creative separately
  • Misclicking protection to avoid overpaying for a non-target audience
  • Available for CPC/SmartCPM/CPM pricing models
  • Free tests for CPC pricing model

Enhance your advertising capabilities with two banner sizes of your choice – 300×250 and 300×100. Don’t hesitate to ask your personal manager to help you with a setup.

Author: Dan

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