How does Clickadu protect you from the fraud traffic?

No entry for bots: How does Clickadu protect you from the fraud traffic?


Dear partners,

Here, in Clickadu we’re taking the traffic quality very seriously and aim to provide advertisers with a better SSP platform experience that meets their needs.

There are few ‘firewalls’ to protect you from the unscrupulous Publishers’ activity.

1. Quality over quantity.

Clickadu works with direct websites only. This regulation helps to monitor and filter out affiliates with suspicious traffic sources.
Each Publisher should add a website to the system and prove its ownership. Then, a website goes through several inspections as it should match several criteria:

  1. First, the website should have traffic. Websites with no traffic detected will be rejected.
  2. Second, traffic sources should be determined and mostly be Search\Organic.
  3. Other criteria like avg.time on the page and the bounce rate are major too.

This check could cut the possible traffic quantity in half or more, however, we can tell that we have done the job starting from here.

Unfortunately, we don’t share our publishers’ sources due to security and policy reasons.

2. Advertising formats interaction.

There are 5 advertising formats at your disposal and at least four of them require user interaction. In Self-Serve Platform advertisers are able to choose if they’d like to pay only for interactions like clicks or conversions.
Receiving views only with no clicks or conversions? Use the SmartCPA or CPC, pricing models.

However, we’re closely following ad views and interactions both and here we go to point 3.

3. Users at sight.

The most powerful one. Every single user going through the ad server undergoing 46 algorithm checks (2 years ago it was 36) in order to prove the traffic substance: screen resolution & device matching, touch-no touch algorithm, browser language matching, the time before the interaction, etc., etc.

Unfortunately, we cannot share the whole forty-six list here. Nevertheless, you might be sure that we’re constantly working on supplying real users with your advertisement.

4. Bot behaving study.

On top of all we maintain bot aspects and behaving databases in order to hunt down any fishy traffic activity.
Any new case would be documented and added to the algorithm.

5. Tracking platform partners.

No matter the pricing models, in order to track the campaign activity and traffic validity, advertisers are able to use tracking tools integration.
Clickadu is represented as a trusted traffic source with 8 significant tracking solutions and we guess that status we have for the reason.

Eager to know whether we provide real users or not? Well, I hope this article will assure you that we’re diligently working to provide you the best traffic quality on the market.

Good speed in advertising with us.

Author: Andrew

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