Top 12 AI marketing tools

Top 12 AI Marketing Tools

Most likely, you spend a lot of your time doing various analyses, searches, and data collection, but isn’t it more convenient to entrust it to artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence boldly invades marketing and allows it to radically change and develop.

Using marketing AI tools, you can not only save your time but also optimize your advertising. Competition in the field of marketing is growing, so it is very important to improve your advertising campaign in a short period of time. This is really very convenient to entrust to artificial intelligence, so that, for example, do not carry out a manual competitive analysis.

Now on the Internet, you can find many services and applications based on artificial intelligence that help simplify life for a person engaged in affiliate marketing, but it is important to know which ones and what can help you. You do not need to use only one or all tools at once.

Marketing tools appear every day, so choosing a good and appropriate one in the market can be difficult. We have prepared a list of marketing AI tools that deserve your attention.

Content Creation AI tools

AI tools for content creation are used for various reasons, such as writing good texts, creating landing pages, creating posts for social networks, and much more. However, the main thing that can help you in this way is to create a marketing campaign or simply a site and a social network that will increase traffic and conversion, increasing your revenues.

1. Grammarly

It is an intelligent artificial intelligence platform that will help you write grammatically correct and effective English texts. Typing in this tool, artificial intelligence will automatically suggest you correct all errors and suggest in what style and tones it is better to write your text.

Moreover, the tool can be integrated into other applications. Then the Grammarly will help you fix mistakes in your email or in your browser messengers.

In addition to the listed advantages of the tool, Grammarly will automatically explain the reasons for the fix, and check your text for uniqueness.

Price starts from:

  • $30 per month
  • $144 per year

2. MarketMuse

This tool is equipped with artificial intelligence that analyzes the content on your page and compares it with keywords. Thanks to MarketMuse, you do not have to spend time on SEO promotion in full. Once you have scanned your page, options will be offered to improve content and relevance.

The MarkerMuse tool also helps you create content. You just need to provide the subject of the material you want to publish on the site. Artificial intelligence will make a plan for your article and immediately choose the words that will help to get to the top of the search engine.

Price starts from:

  • Standard package – $7,200 per year
  • Premium package – $1,2000 per year

3. Unmetric

This tool’s AI will analyze your competitors’ content and offer optimization opportunities for you. Analyzing Unmetric will highlight your competitors’ strengths and then offer you options to improve your business with content that will help you achieve more upstream results and may even surpass competitors.

In addition to improving your content, it will help you improve your social strategy, free you from manual analysis and provide data on all your performance indicators.

Price starts from:

  • $1,000 per month

Chatbots and Messaging AI Tools

A chatbot platform with artificial intelligence will help you and your business create and implement chatbots in the media you use to communicate with customers. This will increase the speed of customer communication, optimize support or conduct business correspondence.

4. Chatfuel

The tool is equipped with artificial intelligence, which can conduct part of the dialogue in your mailbox. The tool maximally automates conversations with potential customers, saving you time. However, when selling a service or product, there will come the point when AI automatically transfers the dialogue to a real person to finally conclude the transaction.

Besides this feature, artificial intelligence will help you create bots on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, or your website that will also be automated to work. As a result, working with this tool will free up your time and save your budget, which could go to the people cleaning the mail. Moreover, using this tool, you can save a larger percentage of lost consumers due to the long response time. The tool’s cost depends on the social network you want to work with. There is also a free trial.

Price starts from:

  • $14.99

5. Chat GPT

This new chatbot with artificial intelligence can create and translate texts, answer questions, write codes, and draw pictures.
Working with Chat GPT, users will not get banal copies of pastes from available sources. AI itself structures the response and makes it more understandable and detailed. Moreover, if additional questions appear from the «interlocutor», the artificial intelligence will form an excellent answer to them.

Also, artificial intelligence can help you write various texts, whether poems or scientific articles.As for the translation, the chatbot can surprise you. In addition to the exact translation of your text, artificial intelligence is able to dilute your text with words of different natures so that emotions and moods are carried out exactly.

Moreover, if you work with codes you can not detect the error yourself, then this service will help you. AI will find bugs or write the entire code for you. By the way, Chat GPT can write for you a script that can be useful for creating 3D models in Python.

Another talent for artificial intelligence on this platform is drawing. AI can draw you a vector image completely according to your requests.

However, Chat GPT may not fulfill your request the first time. To do this, you will need to rephrase your question or answer the clarifying question.

Price starts from:

  • $20 per month

6. Intercom

Another service with artificial intelligence will facilitate your communication with customers. Artificial intelligence will help free up time in your company or even save your budget, which was directed toward wages.

With Intercom, you will be several times faster to respond to your customers, thereby satisfying their needs faster and thus increase the loyalty of your brand. An automated chatbot will take over most of your team’s responsibilities and increase efficiency.

AI is very easy to use and configure and optimized for efficiency to perform all the functions of a modern support team.

Price starts from:

  • $74 per month

Email and Performance Marketing AI Tools

In order to optimize and improve your marketing email strategy, you can use AI Tools. Artificial Intelligence independently determines to whom, what, and when to send the letter or selects a suitable letter for the reply. This saves you time and optimizes mail operation.

7. Personalize

This artificial intelligence tool will help you personalize your advertising campaigns. The point is that the service will identify the products and services that are most suitable for your contacts. Thanks to special algorithms and tracking of contact activity on a specific site, Personalize distinguishes three main interests of users. One of the great advantages is the renewal of interests in real time. Thus, the tool helps to increase the scope of your advertising on the site.

The cost of use depends on your needs and personal settings.

8. Seventh Sense

This is one of the best artificial intelligence tools for email marketing. A person can often forget to reply to an email or send a message to the client on time.

A personalized tool system will deliver emails to your clients or other users independently. Moreover, AI will choose the optimal time when the client will accurately open and read your email.

However, the system does not work with all platforms. You can read the terms of use when making a purchase.

Price starts from:

  • $64 per month

Some other online marketing AI tools

9. Albert AI

It is a whole software that independently generates for you a marketing campaign. Artificial intelligence collects and analyzes all the data and then autonomously launches automated advertising.

The tool performs consumer analysis and portraits of the potential target audience, correctly allocates your budget, and develops all possible advertising channels. After that, a campaign is launched for a small audience. After a successful test, an already large-scale advertising campaign is launched.

You will have full access to the collected data and analysts on which you did not have to spend your time.

Albert AI can also work on different platforms, such as mail, media, etc.

Price starts from:

  • $64 per month

10. Brand 24

Track how often your brand is mentioned on the network is a very energy-intensive and quite impossible occupation for a person.

The artificial intelligence of this tool will do anything for you. AI will independently analyze all sites, platforms, social networks, audio, and even video. It is important to note that Brand24 will only show you relevant feedback that is worth your attention.

Once all the data is collected, artificial intelligence will examine it and reveal the tone and mood of the reference.

Then you will receive all the data, thanks to which you can quickly respond to both good references and criticism. It will also help you identify all the advantages and disadvantages of your products or services.

With the added feature of hashtag tracking, you can identify the relevant and appropriate hashtags for your business. Using the tool is paid, but you can use the free two-week tariff. The payment is made for the year of use.

Price starts from:

  • $69 per month

11. Surfer SEO

If you use a content strategy to promote your brand, this tool will prove to be your right assistant. Artificial intelligence optimizes and ranks your content in search engines.

When you write your text for content, AI will automatically determine the quality of your text by several indicators: uniqueness, availability of keywords, relevance and quality of the title, and in principle, readability of the text. These indicators will help to promote your text online.

Before you use the tool, choose a niche and your target audience. Then artificial intelligence will immediately give you a list of current keywords.

Convenient is the fact that the text you can write as soon as in the editor of the tool or insert is already ready. This will not affect the productivity of artificial intelligence. You can also embed the tool into the editor you are using, for example, Google Docs.

You can pay for the use of the tool at both monthly and annual rates.

Price starts from:

  • $49 per month

12. Pattern 89

A marketing tool based on artificial intelligence will help you optimize your advertising company by working with images, color solutions, and even emojis. However, this tool is suitable for those products that are promoted on Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

Artificial intelligence will select all the right elements to optimize your advertising campaign. To do this, AI conducts an analysis of 3000 measurements. The results are then compared to the basis of creative solutions, and the best options are offered.

As a result, you will be offered a better-promoted version of the design of your ad: size, format, image, color, font, and so on.

Working with the tool is absolutely free, so everyone can try it.

Summary – AI Tools and Services for Affiliate Marketing

Artificial intelligence surpasses the work of even a large team of specialists. The algorithms on which the tools work based on and are very diverse: an increase in coverage, an increase of conversions, data analysis, improvement of services, monitoring of mentions, and much more.

With various tools that work even for free, you can develop your business faster than you think.

Even if you need to launch a very large-scale advertising campaign, you will be able to choose a tool with artificial intelligence that will simplify your tasks, free up your time, and will help to make the campaign the most optimized.

We hope our selection will help you choose the right tool to improve your company.

Author: Mary

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