Monetizing a website is tough. Not only do you have to find the monetization sources, keep up with any updates and changes, monitor the quality of the ads you serve to your visitors, and keep up with the reports and payouts. You have to deal with different tools and platforms to manage it all as well. If only there were a way to keep it all in one place and make monetization more efficient, right?

The great news is – there is a way! There is AdSpyglass , a platform that allows managing ALL your monetization efforts in one dashboard and doubling your profits with the help of many ingenious tools inside the platform. Today, we will take a closer look at the platform’s main features and see its pros and cons.

AdSpyglass main features

AdSpyglass has an impressive set of tools and features under its hood. All of them aimed at increasing publishers’ profits and making monetization effortless and efficient. We’ve taken a closer look at those features we think are the most interesting for a publisher and below is what we’ve found.

Direct adverts

Direct ads are usually the best for your total revenue. They are also a headache to deal with. AdSpyglass has a number of tools to work with direct advertisers. These tools are aimed to make the whole process as easy as possible for both publishers and advertisers.

Here’s what the platform can do for your direct advertising:

  • The targeting is set up by AdSpyglass.
  • AdSpyglass deals with payments. The platform receives the payments from your advertisers via the method of their choice and pays you out via the method of your choice. No more lost opportunities just because you can’t accept the advertiser’s payment.
  • The platform will help with legal formalities and contractual agreements. So if your advertiser demands a formal contract, it will be facilitated by the platform.
  • Attracting new advertisers becomes automated. AdSpyglass allows generating a Media Kit page for your website(s). This page is dynamic and features all your ad spots and all your stats, the updates are done regularly. So you won’t have to gather the info manually when a potential advertiser comes by your ad spot and wants to know if this particular spot will fit their campaign. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with numerous back-and-force emails, the advertiser will just be directed to the Media Kit Page. Of course, the page will feature a contact button for the advertiser to reach out to you if the info they see on the page interests them. And neither you nor your advertiser will have to pay any commissions to the platform if the advertiser registers via your Media Kit page. So you’ll get exactly as much as you agreed upon with the advertiser.
  • Flat deals. Want to rent an entire spot, not just a traffic segment from it, to an advertiser for a month or a year, or with any other conditions? AdSpyglass allows doing that too. The spot you want to sell under a flat deal agreement will be marked as such on your media kit page, you will be able to specify the price and other conditions.

Overall AdSpyglass makes the whole process of working with direct ads completely headache-free both for you and your partners.

Ad networks rotation algorithm

Covering absolutely all of your traffic with ads is the winning strategy when it comes to monetization. But the 100% fill rate is virtually impossible when you work only with direct ads. Naturally, you go to ad networks to sell the remaining impressions. Working with only one network, however, won’t cover 100% of your impressions. But 3 or 5 networks might do the trick. And rotating them all in one ad spot is guaranteed to get you the 100% fill rate and grow your profits by at least 40%.

This is exactly what the AdSpyglass rotation algorithm does. You add at least 3 of your ad networks to one ad spot, the platform rotates them, and shows only the highest CPM offers to each visitor. The RTB model is put to work here. As a result, your profits grow by 40-100%. The more networks you add to the rotation, the more the algorithm has to work with, the better your fill rate and income at the end of the day.

With AdSpyglass rotation, everyone involved wins. Your direct advertisers get exactly the impressions they are interested in, every network you work with gets theirs, you increase your income, and your visitors see only the relevant ads that actually interest them.

And the best bonus – you manage all your networks in one dashboard.

Ad Types

AdSpyglass supports all the popular ad formats. The platform allows publishers to be more flexible. After all, experimentation is the only way to finding what works best for your website specifically.

The ad types you can manage with the platform are:

  • Popunders
  • Display banners
  • Native banners
  • In-page Push
  • Instant messages
  • In-video (VAST)
  • Slider (VAST)
  • Interstitial
  • Oustream (VAST)

Reports and notifications

AdSpyglass comes with accurate reports provided in real-time. The stats cover 100% of your traffic, including bot and proxy clicks.

The platform’s reports dashboard has 13 filters and 14 groupings to help you customize the reports to your needs and get as much detailed information on your traffic as possible.

Making informed decisions with AdSpyglass becomes a lot easier. Especially so, with the performance charts that allow you to see the most profitable networks at a glance.

You can also set up instant notifications for whenever there’s a traffic drop or any errors.

Quality monitoring

The quality of the ads you show to your visitors has a huge impact on your website’s user experience and your income. Afterall, the user experience significantly correlates with the effectiveness of your ads. Then there’s malvertising which is quite dangerous not only for your visitors but for you as well. And don’t forget about the strict requirements of your traffic providers.

Unfortunately, assuring the quality of the ads and anticipating a problematic offer at any given time is quite hard to do on your own. Especially if you work with multiple brokers.

Of course, you can try blocking bad ads yourself if you have a good developer who can do that. There are also third-party quality scoring tools you can integrate. Both options are quite expensive.

AdSpyglass offers a 3-in-1 ad quality solution for its users. The service minimizes quality issues and saves your income. There’s a team of experts to advise on your behavior setup, 3rd party quality scoring tools to detect malicious and aggressive ads, and immediate notifications whenever a bad ad is detected to take action against it as fast as possible.


The ever-present ad blockers can do serious damage to your profits. Naturally, AdSpyglass offers a way for its publishers to get around that obstacle. Their anti-AdBlock solution allows showing ads to your visitors even if their browsers have an AdBlock activated.

Personal manager

Setting up and fine-tuning a platform as complex and customizable as AdSpyglass might be a bit challenging. So they made sure you can get assistance from an expert. They will help with initial onboarding and setting everything up, advise on the best offers and networks for your traffic, and answer any questions you might have.

Pros and Cons

As with everything else in life, there are pros and cons of using AdSpyglass. We’d like to help you make an informed decision, so here are the pros and cons we think are the most decisive.


  • Guaranteed revenue growth of 40 to 100%
  • Protection from bad ads
  • Flexibility and independence. You can work with networks and direct advertisers, and even add your own ads whenever you feel like it.
  • Well-distributed infrastructure. AdSpyglass has servers all over the world. Naturally, the ads are shown faster because the platform automatically selects the ad server closest to the end user. But that’s not the only advantage. The platform is very reliable. Even if one server goes down for whatever reason, the next one will automatically pick up the slack. AdSpyglass is always online.


  • The initial setup takes time and effort
  • It’s a paid service. Your bottom line will still be over what you make without AdSpyglass though. The platform charges 10% of your impressions or profits but gets you at least 40% raise.

Let’s summarise

AdSpyglass makes publishers’ lives significantly easier by letting them manage all ads in one place, be it your own creatives, ads from different networks, or direct ads. It also makes monetization much more efficient and effective. Many of our own clients have already experienced the platform’s benefits.

If you’d like to try AdSpyglass too, here’s a coupon for $20 for using the service – Clickadu2022.

Activate it, and get a bonus in the Adspyglass platform

Author: Serg

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