Push Notifications are now available in Self-Serve Platform

Dear partners,

We have prepared for you some great stuff. Now you’re able to launch and manage Push Notifications right out of Self-Serve Platform for advertisers!

Advantages of our Push Notifications:

  • A wide range of offers\verticals are allowed
  • Get subscriptions from Clickadu direct publishers
  • Available on any pricing model
  • Affordable price for quality traffic
  • Dynamic preview and crop of your pre-created message

What does it mean for our publishers? Just have look at the advantages:

Advantages for publishers:

  • More trusted advertisers looking for Push traffic
  • More GEO and platform demand
  • Higher CPM and fill-rate
  • Sensitive timetable for your website audience

How does it work?

From now, Push Notifications are available among the other advertising formats in the campaign creation section with all targeting options available except iOS devices.

Notifications are available on all pricing models.

Just add some lines and logo. We have added logo an image crop tool for your convenience.
Just zoom & choose the square element you’d like to feature and you’re ready to go.

Creative is optional, yet you may add some extra image to revitalize your ads.
Wondering what your ads will look like? ‘Push Notification preview’ section will help you to see it firsthand.

So these are what Push Notifications display on different devices: mobile and desktop.


For the comprehensive impressions statistics we provide an option to add Impressions Tracking URL provided by your Tracking Tool. Just add it here:

Have already decided with lines and creatives? All you have left is to set targeting options. Here, don’t miss the opportunity to get the most recently subscribed users with a new cohort targeting option.

Ready to drive quality push traffic to your offers? Start now:

Got any questions or suggestions? Ping us at support.clickadu.com.

Author: Dan

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