Lucky seven! Clickadu is turning 7 this week

It’s hard to believe, but 7 years have passed. At first, we were a simple popunder network, and now, thanks to your endless support, Clickadu has grown into a multi-format advertising network operating over the whole world.

We want to thank you for these 7 years. After all, with your help, we have launched 7 different ad formats to work with 22 verticals. We reached over 4 billion impressions and 4.5 million conversions daily.

We are incredibly lucky to have such loyal customers supporting us all this time. And today, luck is on your side! Only until October 31st, you may receive a bonus of up to 15% on your next deposit.

Just tell the promo code LUCKY7 to your manager and get:

  • 7% for replenishment up to $ 500
  • 10% for replenishment from $ 500 to $ 1500
  • 15% for replenishment over $ 1500

Join our holiday, and luck will be on your side!

Author: Ksenia

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