Offerwall Ads

Offerwall ads guide

You know how when you’re in the middle of leveling up your game and you need just that extra life or a hint to get you through that level? And the game application makes it easier for you by providing rewards for watching an ad video or taking a survey. If you understand what we are talking about, you know what Offerwall ads are. 

Today we will discuss what Offerwall ads are, how they work, and how they can benefit a consumer and provider.  Read till the end to learn the complete ins and outs of Offerwall ads. 


What are Offerwall Ads?

An Offerwall is a strategy for app monetization in which users are rewarded for performing specific tasks. Quite literally, app users are presented with a wall of offers, allowing them to select their chosen task and, in certain cases, the reward of their choice. Although Offerwalls are most commonly used in gaming apps, they may be used in any vertical.

Offerwall ads offer an easy way for publishers to turn their mobile application, website, or any digital content into a source of smart revenue. It is actually a smart advertising format that allows you to get paid every time a consumer completes an offer. 

User can also benefit from virtual rewards like extra life, coins, or any special goods. Offerwall ads are truly an effective strategy to delight users and make them come back for more.

Offerwalls are more popular in the freemium application market (where consumers download the app for free but have to pay for additional features, goods, or services in it). Applications that use hybrid monetization models are best for Offerwall ads, as they have been shown to account for up to 38% of the advert revenue. Which proves that they are not only good for gaming apps but can also work well in other corners too. 

The Offerwall’s superpower is driving retention by allowing consumers to play longer. Captivated? Read on below to see how Offerwall generates revenue and why you should leverage them. 


How Does an Offerwall Work?

Offerwalls are smart tools that attract new and previous users to expand their app session, and possibly even spend a little coin in the process.

Your users are at a critical level in their game when they sadly realize they have run out of game coins. Suddenly, a pop-up comes stating, “earn currency.” But as a developer or provider you anticipated their needs beforehand and provided a solution right when they needed it. All they need to do is perform a simple task.

The best part about this strategy? Users can get their hands on a range of  offers (this is where the “wall” comes in). So, users may choose which one, if any, to interact with in order to receive the desired reward, giving them a strong sense of control.


Offerwall Advertising Benefits

Now that you’ve understood what Offerwall ads are and how they work it is time to adapt them to your mobile applications or marketing strategy.

Here are some exciting benefits of Offerwall ads to get you determined about their power:


1. Monetizing non-paying users

You do not need users to spend money to bring in revenue. Simply by engaging your users with an offerwall ad, such as a rewarded video, they can continue to play for free while you get paid by the advertiser.


2. Improve engagement and retention

Offerwalls provide mobile gamers with an appealing motivation to keep playing. A reward, such as extra gaming currency, will increase their experience and persuade them to return sooner. In fact, research suggests that employing Offerwalls can increase retention by 40%, Which is fantastic news for your lifetime value (LTV) and average revenue per user (ARPU).


3. Develop a positive user experience

Traditional mobile advertising can interrupt (and annoy) consumers but not Offerwall ads as they put the user in control. You users see something relevant and have the option of engaging or not. Plus, they receive a reward!


4. Increase your eCPM

eCPM, or effective cost per mile, is the money a publisher receives for 1,000 ad impressions on their application. The more users interact with the advertisements you display, the higher it will be. Offerwalls can help you serve enticing content to an existing audience —  yielding in some of the greatest eCPMs in the industry.


5. Expand your revenue strategy

While offerwalls alone may not be enough to make money from your app, they can be beneficial as part of a hybrid monetization strategy. Use them alongside in-app ads and in-app purchases, and you’ve got all bases covered.


Ways To Maximize Offerwall Ads

If you’re building a new application and considering using Offerwall ads to monetize your application, here are simple ways how you can maximize it. 

  • Segmenting your users into different categories, like spenders/ non-spenders and newcomers/ returning users, can help you send more targeted offers. It increases the chances of higher engagement and revenue.
  • Making Offerwalls to match your app or game’s user experience can make ads feel like a natural part of the game rather than an interruption. After all, a cohesive experience encourages users to engage with the offers and continue playing.
  • Users tend to ignore ads they see too often. Regularly updating your Offerwall with new content can help maintain user interest. Conduct A/B testing with new creatives to identify the most effective versions. 
  • Clear and compelling rewards motivate users to interact with the Offerwall. Include a strong call to action that clearly highlights the benefits of each offer. Once users tap on the offer, ensure the process to complete the action and return to your app is quick and hassle-free.
  • Well-timed offers are more likely to receive a positive response. Evaluate user behavior to identify the optimal times to present offers. This could be during tricky levels, when game currency is low, or after a certain period when users tend to drop off.



That is a wrap to the basic guide on Offerwall ads. In simple words, Offerwall ads are a smart way to earn revenue on your gaming or mobile app while engaging your users in the most seamless way possible. Plus, it has become a norm in the gaming industry, and many existing games like Candy Crush are also benefiting from this strategy.

If you’re a marketer or developer, now is the right time to leverage Offerwall ads to drive success.