OEM Advertising

OEM advertising

Marketers who are continually seeking new traffic channels should learn about the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) advertisements, which are the next big thing in acquiring customer traffic.

Nowadays, mobile phones serve as the first screen for any type of engagement. 67.1% of the global population accounts for smartphone users, which makes it a great platform for advertising — and OEM is just another example of it. 

If you have landed on this article, chances are you are looking for answers on What is OEM and how does it work. 

The article will serve as a complete guide to OEM for you. 


What is OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEMs are basically advertising platforms which are designed by many device manufacturers like Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, and more. They promote services and products by advertising them via pre-installed apps and by displaying suggestions to customers when they change their mobile phone settings or use an app.


Various platforms allow you access to OEM Traffic, which is now classified into three main categories: 

The first category is original technological solutions, which are developed by manufacturers of Android mobile devices, such as Xiaomi and Huawei.

The second category is ecosystems. Ecosystems are built into the Android operating system through a system application. They serve as direct intermediates between manufacturers and marketers. 

The third group is advertising platforms, which buy traffic from manufacturers and integrate it into third-party technological platforms (SSPs). OEM traffic is not the only form of traffic available through these channels, but with proper optimization, you can achieve exceptional ROI returns.


OEM Apps Advertising

Until now, you must’ve understood what OEM stands for and what they serve, but let’s take a closer look at why they are important for advertising.

  • OEMs have a loyal customer base that trusts their brand. This means users are more likely to engage with ads displayed by the OEM, leading to better results.
  • OEM advertising can deliver high user acquisition (getting users to install your app) at a lower cost per install than other channels.
  • Since OEMs control the ad placements on their devices, there’s less risk of fraudulent clicks or impressions compared to other advertising platforms.
  • With OEM advertising, you have more control over where your ads are displayed. 
  • The ability to customize your campaigns for specific audiences on OEM platforms allows for better optimization and a higher return on your advertising spend.


OEM Marketing Strategy

An OEM marketing strategy is solely a customer-centric approach. It targets B2B buyers in the digital age. It acknowledges that potential clients will research solutions online before contacting you. 

But to be effective — you need to create a proper strategy. Your strategy must be inbound-focused, prioritizing valuable content like blogs and webinars that address your target audience’s needs. This establishes you as a trusted resource. 

More importantly, it should leverage SEO and SEM, along with being active on social media apps like LinkedIn. All of this makes sure that you are included in relevant searches. 

Lastly, be consistent with your brand identity, this helps in building trust and brand recognition.


Ad Placement Opportunities

Let’s make one thing clear: “OEM advertising goes beyond just getting your app seen.”

It offers various strategic placements to target users based on their interests and location on your device. 

  • Recommended applications help build users’ trust. It can help you get more downloads. 
  • Promote your apps by placing them in prominent locations. It will consciously remind users of your app’s presence.
  • Featuring your app among the most popular downloads can capitalize on user trends and encourage them to join your app’s growing user base.



OEM is a great way to seamlessly promote your services or products through mobile phones. It allows you to reach targeted consumers without leveraging any typical marketing tactics like SMM, PPC, SEO, or more.

With ample knowledge from this guide, you can now begin your new advertising venture via OEM.