SKIM/Direct link Ads - an infallible method to increase your profit

January 07, 2019

What is SKIM?

SKIM or Direct Link is a link that a publisher inserts on a specific site element, and after clicking on it, an advertisement appears to the user.

SKIM is known as one of the most flexible Ad formats for all traffic sources. Since Clickadu provides thousands of offers and landing pages so we can provide almost 100% monetization of traffic.

How does it work?

The format works great on CJ and CJ-tube sites. To work with SKIM traffic, we provide publishers with direct links that you can place on almost any place: any design or navigation element. For each site can be created several links to separate traffic by niches. When a user clicks on a link, our system launches an advertising campaign and leads the user to the landing page.

In addition to the niche, you can choose another targeting available in SSP: GEO, ISP, Device, OS, and others. It should be noted that all SKIM traffic will be checked for compliance with the source.

SKIM/Direct link advantages:

  • The number of links that can be used on one page is unlimited
  • Higher CR to advertisers and CPM rates to publishers
  • Direct link format can be used anywhere
  • 100% control of your sold traffic amount
  • Traffic and advertisement niche selection
  • Google-friendly advertising format
  • SmartCPA compatible

Dmitry Pochinin | Head of Media Buyers:

SKIM advertising format brings 3x more revenue per 1000 impressions for publishers and the most efficient solution for advertisers that gives a higher CR than a popunder. Also, it’s the best way to drive more traffic to publishers’ websites second to Google search engine.

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