Banner Ads

What is a BANNER ad format?

Do you remember those times when we paid attention to outdoor banners (billboards)? Well, unfortunately, those days are gone, but good news is that online banners are still one of the most demanded ad formats for both advertisers and publishers that show amazing results.

For users it looks like a commercial image or an animation which appears on a publisher’s website page. At the moment we have two banner ads sizes available: 300х250 and 300х100. A publisher can place it anywhere on his website.

Want to promote your products/brand/offer with our new format? Feel free to since it’s already available for you on Self-Serve Platform. With banners you can add up to five creatives for one campaign and track statistics for each of it. Choose between CPC/SmartCPM/CPM pricing models.


Advantages of banner ads for publishers

  • You can place it everywhere you like and choose between two sizes: 300×250 and 300×100;
  • All GEOs and traffic type coverage, we assure 100% fillrate;
  • We have exclusive advertisers for banner ads and many GEOs with the highest CPM rates on the market;
  • It’s the most Google-friendly advertising format;
  • Banners are user-friendly as well, since they don’t interrupt the browsing experience.

Advantages of banner ads for advertisers

  • Available for CPC/SmartCPM/CPM pricing models
  • Misclicking protection to avoid overpaying for a non-target audience
  • Multicreative tool allows you to add up to five creatives for your banner campaign and view statistics in the dashboard for each creative separately
  • Free tests for CPC pricing model

Requirements for banner:

  • Number of creatives: up to five
  • Types: image, video, gif
  • Formats: jpg, png, gif, mp4
  • Sizes: for images and gifs – up to 256 kb, for video – up to 1 Mb

How to start


Banners are waiting for you on our SSP platform


Banners are waiting for you on our SSP platform