Running Push Notifications? Do it SMART!

September 06, 2019

Hey guys,

Why can’t we give you two pieces of good news on the same day?
Since SmartCPA has become very popular and has shown incredible results with our advertisers, we decided to keep moving in the direction of SMART pricing models.
This time, we have created a similar model for CPC and on top of that implemented SmartCPA for Push-Notifications (read more here).

Smart Cost Per Click model: SmartCPC

So now due to our "smart" algorithm, you will be able to buy more quality traffic from the sources (zones) that work for your advertisement the best.

What ad format is SmartCPC actual for?

  • Push-Notifications
  • Video Pre-Roll
  • Mobile Dialog Ads

SmartCPC working principles:

  1. You launch a campaign, the system tests traffic with a budget starting at $5 and searches for zones that generates clicks - traffic cost is deducted from the test budget, and clicks within the test are not paid for. The more clicks you get, the better eCPM forms, the more traffic you get. The test period lasts until the entire test budget is over.
  2. Zones that have received their own ecpm also begin to work out of test. Clicks generated by the zone out of test are paid according to the established click price.
  3. If no clicks are generated on zones for a certain number of impressions, then such zones will be blocked and dropped from the test.

The main reason to start using this price model is to optimize the campaigns and zones' filtration in case they do not generate clicks. Therefore, you receive active zones with real and engaged users.

Advantages for advertisers:

  • The system buys clicks for your campaigns only from high CTR zones
  • More accurate traffic matching system with an optimization algorithm.
  • There is a measurable ROI. You instantly know what works and what doesn't
  • Get relevant traffic at a lower price than regular CPC, set up a test period and Smart model will provide you with the best zones for your offer

SmartCPA for Push-Notifications

Have already tried to run Clickadu Push-Notification campaigns? Now, it's available for the SmartCPA pricing models too!

What are the advantages?

  • You'll get a traffic matching system with an optimization algorithm
  • Test budget starts at $10
  • Traffic efficiency system for more accurate tests
  • Boost your campaign results both by creatives and smart acquisition model

Aren’t familiar with SmartCPA algorithms? In this article we’ll tell you how to launch and manage your first acquisition campaign or you can… Try it out now!

Clickadu Team