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We made Push Subscriptions easy and profitable with Clickadu ready-made landing pages suitable for any traffic.

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How does it work?

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With our Push Subscription link, you don't need to build and maintain landing pages! This link has a set of ready-to-use, pre-optimized landing pages, hosted free of charge on an ultra-fast CDN. Your manager will help you to gain high conversion rates.

Start earning right here and right now

We pay you for each user subscribed (on a CPS basis) or every time a subscriber receives an ad (revshare model). In either case it's an easy and profitable flow for you to earn.

Get detailed statistics on your performance

Evaluate your earnings and pick traffic sources that give you the best conversion rate with postback integration. Need detailed statistics? We will help you set up API integration for automatic statistics export.

Enjoy extra profit with trafficback

TrafficBack allows you to monetize your exit traffic. A perfect solution for catching up with those who didn't subscribe or closed the subscription window.

What traffic should you try?

Popunder Traffic

Display Traffic


Social Traffic

Remnant Traffic

How do we pay?


Get access to perpetual income as you'll receive profit from every ad that we send to your subscribers. Your income depends only on the conversion rate and the quality of subscribers.


Basically it's the way to make profit here and now as you're paid for every unique user subscribed to push notifications on your landing page. Your income directly depends on how many users subscribe to your push notifications.

Our benefits

A wide variety of ready-made landing pages

Detailed Statistics with API Capacity

Weekly payouts

Postback integration

Extra profit from TrafficBack

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