Why Choose Pops?

December 20, 2018

What is a popunder ad format?

Popunder is an advertising area that is loaded apart right under the main active window or tab, after clicking on the page. Pops also solve the problem of "ad blindness" and perfectly run on different platforms.

How does it work?

A user clicks on a publisher's website. Popunder automatically opens in an additional window or tab.

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What does it look like?


Pops rock! And here is why:


  • Pops show better CPMs in comparison with banners. Pops may give a 100-300% boost in profit.
  • Pop-ups and pop-unders do not harm sites' ranking in Google which is proved with the official statement by the Google Webmasters
  • You can run pops on any kind of site. And you may combine pop-up or pop-under ads with any other formats, including Adsense.
  • Pops give an opportunity to monetize your site if you can't prove the origin of its content to Google AdSence or Richmedia.
  • Pops will be your main source of income if you do not qualify for Google Adsense
  • Pops do NOT bring more malware than other ad formats. Clickadu has a number of tools for anti-malware protection with autodetection of harmful campaings.


  • Pops bring x times more conversions than many other ad formats, sometimes giving up to 1000% boost in ROI
  • Pops are cheaper than other types of ad. You can choose any of cost-saving models: CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), CPA (cost-per-action) to boost your profit.
  • Pops do NOT bring more fraud or bot traffic than any other ad formats. Clickadu has a number of its own IT fraud detection and bot filtering tools.
  • Enjoy sales with Clickadu! Register now to start earning.

How to start


A code is ready for use in the publishers'


Pops campaign creation is already available for you in the Self - Serve platform

Clickadu Team

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