Take part in the SmartStart challenge!

October 24 2022


We are always happy to see new Advertisers on Clickadu and know that sometimes they can be overwhelmed by deciding what to do next. That is why we created a new challenge SmartStart that will help newcomers know the platform better and get started in the most efficient way.

The challenge is pretty easy to be done. Moreover to make it profitable for you, our dear newcomers, we will encourage you to fulfill the tasks with bonuses for your account balance! Just think, you launch a campaign, you learn and you can get up to 50$ just by completing easy steps. What’s more important, you do not have to complete all of them, as the minimum number of tasks to get your bonus is just 2! It couldn't be easier!

So, activate the promo code SMARTSTART in live chat or in the special Bonus code field to confirm your participation and get to work:

After getting used to the platform and seeing what formats you would like to work with the most, you can get your rewards of $10 per task for:

  • Reaching total expenses of $250
  • Reaching total expenses of $350
  • Reaching total expenses of $500

Please note:

  • You have 30 days to complete all tasks after you confirm your participation.
  • The minimum number of tasks you need to complete to get a bonus is 2.
  • The results will be summed up after the end of the challenge

Do not worry, you won’t be handling all of it alone, as for assistance you can always get in touch with your manager who will help you with the introduction to the Clickadu Self-Serve platform! In addition, we prepared helpful articles and video guides that will help to launch campaigns and try all necessary formats and settings to run successful ads.

We are glad to see you on board!

Clickadu Team