Self-Serve Platform for running campaigns

Clickadu Team June 19, 2017

Would you like your media buying to get fast and automatic? With the help of our user-friendly SSP you can easily launch, run and analyze your advertising campaigns.

Do it in 3 simple steps:

  • Sign up and activate your account
  • Create a campaign with preferable bids and targeting
  • Add funds by any convenient method and enjoy results!

At the self-serve platform you are able to:

Create, edit, pause/stop, copy and do multiple copies of OnClick CPM

Try an inventory planner by
country and bid

Check a real-time statistics by impressions, conversions and rates

See the budget
spent in USD

Filter data by date, product, campaign, material, zone, country

See/download daily
expenses since the date
of registration

See/download invoices
and their statuses

Enjoy advanced targeting by:

Geographical location

Operating system
and it’s version

Device and connection type

Mobile carrier

Browser and it’s language

Zone ID

Frequency and
capping of ads

Time schedule and
delivery method

Black/white lists

Clickadu Team